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This Straight-Talking Guide will Help You Choose the Perfect Road Companion

We’ll dive straight into a Shipwreck in the Sand leather biker vests, but without making this sound like an epic adventure. It’s not because you need a history or leather lesson, but rather to find out why a vest is worth it. Keep it simple and let’s get to the main point.

The first thing we’ll do is talk leather. You’ve got options: cowhide, buffalo… even kangaroo if you’re feeling exotic. The best leathers to buy are full grain. This leather is like the whiskey for leathers. It gets better and better with time. You might find some scratches or scars on your leathers but this just gives it character and tells stories about the road trips you’ve taken.

Let’s move onto the craftsmanship. Has anything you’ve bought ever fallen apart as quickly as a cheap rain umbrella? Annoying, right? The same as finding a good mechanic, finding good stitching for a vest will be gold. The zippers and snaps on your vest should be strong enough to take a beating. Nobody wants their wardrobe to fall apart at 60 mph.

Fit is King. A saddle that is too tight will make you feel like you’re wearing a casing, while a saddle that’s looser may cause you to flap like a sailing sail in the wind. You want it to fit your torso perfectly, and allow you to eat that taco at lunch. But still be able reach the handle bars comfortably.

Don’t fear to experiment with color. Red, brown and even black are all great options. Patches? The patches tell a story about you – what you do, where you are, your passions, the people you ride with.

Nachhaltigkeit is next. Mother Earth or Fido may be your favorite, but there are many vegan choices that you can choose from. They won’t fade or crack like a sunburn.

When fabric and customization meet, you get a fun new way to customize your vest. Customization is the key to making your vest unique. You can add patches, embroidered designs, or even painted ones. Keep in mind that every detail adds depth to the story.

You should take good care of it. Leather is durable, but water and heat will turn it to something that resembles beef jerky. If you want to keep your leather looking crisp, store it away somewhere dry and cool.

Choose the leather biker jacket that is right for you. This doesn’t have to be rocket science. Just think about it in terms of finding a faithful companion on the road. One who sticks with you thick and thin, one who won’t make fun of your singing along to 80s rock songs. It should be worn with pride.

It’s not worth it to buy boring vests. Don’t forget, life is too short for dull vests.

You can always think of the amazing selfies that you will take when wearing your new gear. You’re all set to make a lot of money! Then, take these suggestions and go to some shops or look through the pages on websites until you discover that vest that shouts out “This Is Me!” It’s time to wear your vest like the boss you know yourself to be.