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Wake up to AI: Smart alarms, internet-connected toasters and more – navigating the quirks of everyday technology

AI-tools, how I love you. The ai tools are like your friend with the new gadget who says that it is going to change everything. Sometimes it’s true, and they can’t believe you survived without them. Some times it just takes up more space in your desk. Take a closer look at the salad, and we’ll see what actually deserves to be on your plate.

Awakening has never been easier — or worse, depending upon how much you value your sleep. Smart alarms help you wake up when it’s “best”. Sometimes, I feel like they are just enjoying the “power trip” of getting us up from sleep.

Now, coffee. AI shines when it comes down to making that perfect cup each morning. Your intelligent coffee maker may know more about the caffeine you require than even your own family. But if you start to refuse to drink coffee, it’s because the machine thinks it’s too much. That’s one line of code that I’d rather never see written.

Let’s have a conversation about the work we do, as it seems that is what must be done. Software for project management is taking over our industry, helping us to predict deadlines and spot issues before they arise. Handy? Absolutely. What if it was a little creepy. Maybe. This is like having a ‘crystal-ball’ that occasionally sends out passive aggressive reminders for your upcoming duties.

AI doesn’t exclude creatives either. Design tools can provide color schemes before you even have time to say “millennial” pink. Writers? They offer bots to begin stories and even complete articles.

It’s true that great power is accompanied by great responsibility. But it also comes with a host of ethical dilemmas. It’s important to address privacy and bias questions as these technologies become more prevalent. Like realizing your wish-granting genie is reading your personal diary.

AI also has a major impact on education. Personalized learning paths may seem great at first, but then you realize how awful you found math. You wonder whether an AI could have improved it (spoiler alert: likely not). However, it’s worth giving a two-thumbs up to anything that makes education more flexible.

A big winner in this area is the Healthcare sector. Diagnostics tools now detect things more quickly than ever, and that’s great for everyone.

Also entertainment? What about entertainment? Streaming services are aware of what they want you to watch even before you decide.

AI technologies are changing our lives on many levels, mostly for the better. However, they sometimes leave us puzzled and worried. Trick is to figure out which technologies are actually making life better and which ones just want to show off.

It’s important to remember that something just *can* be automatized doesn’t mean it will be. (Looking at you, Internet-connected Toaster). Please keep your coffee hot and the tech relevant. Your minds should be open as we seem to be in for an exciting journey.