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Discovering Your Perfect Match in Houston: Plastic Surgery with Heart and Humor

Houston, oh Houston! This is the city where steaks and dreams go hand in hand. Look good here is not only a goal, but a real sport. In this game, who are the trainers? Plastic surgeon? Of course. I can tell you finding the right plastic surgeon is like looking for your car during Black Friday at the Galleria.

Before you begin, decide what it is that you are after. You can either tweak it or transform it. There’s no need to pick between BBQ and tacos. You can either get a little nip or a big makeover. Houston offers experts on everything from nose work to kneelifts. The experts can probably do it.

Don’t forget the strong women surgeons who are out there. The board-certified surgeon is the best choice. The certification means the person has been grilled like a Texas beef brisket.

Do not stop there. Someone who is able to understand you. A consultant who is more interested in listening than speaking during the consultation. Here, we are not ordering fast food but your face/body.

Don’t forget that it’s more than just their diplomas on the walls or how clean and pristine their workspace is. (Although, a clean office space is a non-negotiable). Checking the atmosphere is also important. You should ask yourself if they are comfortable. Do they have the ability to describe without medical terminology? Yes, bingo!

Houston has as many different flavors as my spice rack, and that’s saying a lot since I love to cook. Your surgeon should be aware that beauty can come in different shapes, sizes and colors. It should be similar to that best friend you have who always knows which filters make you look your best.

What happens after an operation? Is it the same as the post-op recovery care or should we say, where does the scalpel meet the skin. It’s not a good analogy. Maybe. Seriously, the recovery support they receive should be excellent. If they want to be helpful, then follow ups are what you would expect from your mother.

Also, let’s take a minute to talk about turkey – culture is important! Your surgeon should know that beauty standards don’t fit all; rather, they’re like thrift-store jeans – unique and different for every person.

That’s all, people! Find a Houston Plastic Surgeon is harder than choosing between Space Center Houston and live music on Saturday nights, but do not worry. Find your plastic surgeon by doing some legwork (literally) as well as checking the gut.

Don’t forget that the journey you are on is intimate. Imagine binge-watching a favorite show, while eating your favorite ice cream right from the tub. Pick someone you can trust to be there for the journey.

Houston loves good food. Los Angeles boasts a new, sparkling pool. You can also share epic stories together. You can at least avoid sleeping on the textbooks. Asking why someone feels that way is better than jumping to our own moral high horses. It is important to listen, and not just because we are uncomfortable.