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From Pigeons and Pixels: Biomed Scans Have Revolutionized Our Health Checkups

Let’s not get too serious. Keep it light. Imagine you’re looking for a needle within a haystack. Imagine wearing glasses that can not only tell you where the needle is, but will also tell you whether it plans to move to another stack. Biomed scan can be compared to doctors who are looking at the inside of the human body.

These scans won’t be the same as your grandmother’s old-fashioned Xrays. We’re talking a technological leap, which is similar to going from writing letters by pigeons into sending texts that include emojis. Biomed Scans provide doctors with the superhero-like ability to view what is happening in real-time. This includes the cells themselves, whether they are having a celebration or a tantrum.

Now, how does this fancy scanning work? Imagine this: They combine the smartest technology available–things like algorithms, which probably need their coffee in the AM and machine intelligence that could easily beat you at the game of chess. And quantum computing? As if someone decided that regular computing was too slowly and then gave it an rocket.

Why should we even care? Start by thinking of those sneaky and elusive diseases. Alzheimer’s or some types of cancer throw parties no one expects. Biomed Scans help doctors attend parties earlier and call them off before the event begins.

What’s that? These scans will not only help individuals, but they could also have a profound impact on the entire game. How? Scientists could forecast health trends based on the massive amounts of data they collect from these scans. “Sunny weather with a slight chance of a flu outbreak,” anyone?

It’s understandable that you might be thinking: “It all sounds good, but what is the catch?” You betcha. You betcha. Who can see your data for instance? Is only your doctor privy to this data, or also someone sitting in an unknown room? How can I be sure that this tech will treat everyone fairly?

It’s a strange feeling to think that tech can read the human body as if it were a book. If your mom knows you’re lying and she’s too familiar with you, it’s one thing. When a machine does so, that’s a different story.

Biomed Scans has brought us to the frontier of medical wonders. But we’re not simply talking about another medical device. We’re looking at tomorrow’s world, a place where catching illnesses could be just as easy as catching a Pokemon.

It’s time to wrap up this ride in Biomed Scan (no barf bag needed) and remember that, while the prospect of a better future for everyone might initially seem frightening, it brings us back to Earth.

You may be getting one at your next checkup. Who knows. Perhaps one day we’ll be saying that we can’t remember the time when we weren’t able to see our own body in real-time. As we speed towards smarter living and travel, who will know what new gadgets join our high technology hoedown. The one thing I know for sure is that anything which gets me from the hotel lobby to the lounge quicker than “Do Not Disturb” can be a good thing. Right in the heart of all the memories that are just waiting to take place.