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Ancient Ropes and Modern Hopes

Let’s talk about hemp cannabis boston hemp inc, shall we. You’re probably thinking, “Hemp?” “Isn’t it just weed?” Hold your horses, because this plant is much more than you think. No, it will not get you high. It’s cousin does that.

Hemp has been used for centuries. Ancient civilizations used hemp for ropes, sailings and more. Hemp has a new glow today. It’s suddenly everywhere: in smoothies, your skin and even your wardrobe. You heard me correctly–clothes that are made from plants. Who’d have thought?

CBD is hemp’s new claim to fame. Like the chilled cousin who makes everyone happy and calm at a BBQ, CBD is like that. They apply it to their sore muscles, and pop gummies as if they were candy (well… better tasting candy) in order to combat anxiety and get some Zs.

Here’s where it gets a little tricky: the laws about growing and selling cannabis are unclear as mud. In some areas, farmers throw hemp seeds everywhere with the approval of government. In other places? In others? It’s like playing a game of hopscotch without knowing the next square.

Let’s take a moment to talk about Mother Earth because she loves green things. Hemp plants are more resilient than my niece who discovered chocolate. They don’t require much water, nor do they need pesticides. These are the low-maintenance plants we all want to have.

Imagine: hempcrete houses, clothes so soft they don’t shout “I’m in a sack,” snacks that make your heart beat like a timepiece.

But wait! But wait! We need to show people that hemp doesn’t just want to have a good time, it wants to do hard work and look great doing it.

Imagine convincing Grandma Joan her new moisturizer was made from cannabis plants. You’d tell her, “It’s really not what you thought!” as she gave you the side eye over her knitting needles.

You’ll need to prepare yourself for a lot of paperwork if you want to grow your own hemp paradise. Sometimes it’s easier to understand an alien language than the regulations.

Here you go, a quick tour of Hempville. (Population: increasing everyone). Hemp is enjoying its moment of glory, and rightfully so. From superfoods to super fabrics, hemp has it all.

Remember: the next time someone brings up hemp at dinner, share some of these facts with them. You will either confuse or impress them to the point that they change the topic.

Who knows what tricks this green wonder has in store for you? Next year, we might be flying in hemp-made planes… but who knows?